Outdoor electric patio heater

Which is the Best Patio Heater for me? – Outdoor Heating Guide

There are many different options for outdoor heating. This can be broken down into a few key factors: The size of space to be heated, the style, or design of product, where it will be used, and the fuel that will be used to generate the heat.

Space – As you will be using the heater outdoor, the majority of the heat will be lost to the atmosphere, therefore for the best outdoor heating experience the heater needs to be close to the area that needs to be heated. For instance, choosing a gas patio heater with a large parasol will generate more heat than a designer one that looks good with a tiny parasol. The smaller the heater the smaller the amount of heat it will generate. The maximum heat output from an electric heater is 2Kw, a gas heater is typically 13Kw and a large wood burning firepit considerably more.

Style – there are many different styles, from small table top electric heaters, table top gas patio heaters and table top bioethanol heaters to large wood burning fire pit designs that will generate a considerable amount of heat.

Safety – burning wood or bio-ethanol will expose people to a live flame, something which will make them unsuitable for commercial premises like a restaurant or bar. A gas patio heater like a pyramid gas patio heater with a glass tube will protect the user from the flame however there is still a risk from someone touching the glass. An electric heater like a fan heater or halogen electric tower heaterhalogen electric tower heater typically is the safest option as the heating element is normally hidden and not able to be touched.

Fuel – There are four main fuel types. Gas, this can be provided by a gas bottle or a fixed gas line.

  • Gas – using a propane tank is a perfect solution for fuelling a patio heaters or fire pit design.
  • Bioethanol – also known as gel fuel or alcohol fuel, is a sustainable green energy source that has zero emissions and provides a live flame. There is not lots of heat unless you have a very wide burner. For more information on bioethanol fire pit designs visit www.bio-ethanol-fireplace.co.uk.
  • Wood – burning wood can be a glamourous way of heating an outside area however it can also be difficult to manage the heat. There are other issues to consider like storing and sourcing the wood and protecting users from the flame and residual heat.
  • Electric – using electric for outdoor heating is a quick and easy solution. The products, while not generating lots of heat are cheap to run and there are many different design styles. Infrared electric tower heaters and wall mounted infrared electric heaters are popular both for use at home or commercial premises like a restaurant, cafe or bar.

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