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Restaurant Outdoor Heating Explained

There are now many options available to extend your restaurant experience onto a terrace, roadside or patio during winter days and  nights, and cool summer evenings. Choosing the right type of outdoor heating product for your restaurant is critical in order to ensure you provide the best customer experience and control costs. The most popular choices are gas patio heaters or electric halogen infrared heaters.

Gas Patio Heaters : There are two main styles, pyramid gas patio heaters or umbrella gas patio heaters. Both use an LPG gas bottle in the base and, if purchased with the optional wheels, can be placed outside the restaurant during opening hours, then brought inside and kept safe when closed. There are also two types of burner, a glass tube which contains the flame and has an atmospheric appearance or the umbrella style which has a gas burner which heats a wire gauze that glows. In my experience the umbrella versions provide more heat, see the image.

Infrared Halogen Electric Heaters : These units are best if mounted on a wall or hanging from a roof or ceiling. Once installed they are easy to operate by using a wall switch. Unlike, gas patio heaters where you will need to keep changing gas bottles. electric outdoor heaters have little to no maintenance.

Extend Your Restaurant: Make the Most of the Seasons

Extend your patio seating season! Since spring and autumn can be cool in many climates, a lot of restaurants can only use their outdoor spaces during the warmest months of the year. By properly heating your patio or deck area with a system of outdoor heaters, you can make those spaces comfortable for customers to use earlier in the spring, later into the autumn, and even potentially during winter.

Open Earlier, Stay Open Later

Even in warm climates, customers may become chilly sitting outside after sunset. By adding patio heaters to your space, you can ensure more available seats for the dinner rush, boosting profits. Or, if you open early in the morning for breakfast, you can allow customers to comfortably enjoy the sunrise from your terrace, deck or patio.

Increase Revenue and Profits

When you make your outdoor seating areas usable for several more hours each day and for several more months in each year, that adds up to a substantial increase in profits for your business. While the upfront costs of installing patio heaters may seem daunting, you can make up those expenditures and get a return on your investment very quickly with the increase in revenue.

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