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Fire pit designs can be broken down into Fuel type and Design (or shape). It’s essential to Select the Fuel type first. The fuel you’ll use will impact the running cost, safety, usability and heat Output. If you’re unsure of the available different fuel types, read Our guide To outdoor Heating fuel types.

A fire pit is a source of heat typically sat around on a fantastic summer evening or cold winters night. Shapes can be broken down into Round, Square or Rectangular. The form you’ll choose will depend on the size and layout of your terrace, patio or garden, and what furniture you currently have.

Here are typical deciding factors which will guide you to the correct choice of fire pit design.

  • Running cost – the cheapest is an electric outdoor heater. The downside is heat is limited to around 2kw, meaning you may need to buy additional heaters defeating the object of low running costs.
  • Sustainability – using a bioethanol fire pit design will help the environment generate heat and have a nice flame. The amount of heat and flame depends on the size of the burner tray.
  • Heat – the most significant amount of heat is generated by a wood-burning fire pit. The downside is it is hard to control the heat once the fire is alight, and there are some ergonomics to consider regarding chopping and storing wood.
  • Usability – the best all-around solution is a gas fire pit design. Rattan gas fire pit tables are trendy. These are supplied as a complete unit and are operated by an LPG bottle in the base.

Below is a selection of fire pit designs to consider. Click on the link to be taken to a page showing the technical specification, delivery options and to place your order.

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Choose the outdoor heating product that you are interested in from the items displayed below. Click the image and a link will appear. Use the link to review the chosen outdoor heating product prices, supplier delivery conditions, technical specification and to place your order.

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