Choosing Pyramid Gas Patio Heaters – Outdoor Heating Guide

During winter months people often find themselves trapped indoors because of the cold. Break the cabin fever and get outdoors sooner with a pyramid style gas patio heater. They are a great way to make your deck, patio or other outdoor space a more desirable during fall and spring months allowing you to get more from your outdoor areas.

Types of Pyramid Gas Patio Heaters

The different Types of Pyramid Gas Patio Heaters are seperated below into how they are used.

Floor or Free Standing Pyramid Gas Patio Heaters

Floor or freestanding pyramid gas patio heaters are what you would often see being used on a bar or restaurant terrace. They can either be three-sided or four-sided having a triangular or square shape. The square units tend to be more sturdy and stable. Freestanding gas patio heaters especially pyramid patio heaters are by far the most popular type of gas patio heater. Models are available for either natural gas or LPG (Propane). It is typical for natural gas patio heaters to fixed in position and connected to a gas line. Propane or lpg patio heaters use gas bottles mounted in the base of the unit and, if fitted with wheels, are portable. Gas pyramid patio heaters are convenient because they can be easily set up and use and can be used almost anywhere outside. There are typically four basic components: base, pole, heat source and reflector.

The base prevents the unit from falling over and can double as a storage compartment for a propane tank if it is a propane heater. The pole extends the heat source upward so that the heat radiation is greater. The output of the gas burner inside the unit is typically heat rated in BTU (British Thermal Unit) or KW. The higher the BTU (or KW) the more heat the heater will generate. Gas patio heaters offer 45,000 BTUs or 13KW of heat output. The reflector, on the top, helps to prevent the heat being drawn upwards away from the area to be heated. The reflector helps to radiate the heat downwards. Look out for models with a bigger or wider reflector as you will benefit from more heat.

Tabletop Gas Patio Heaters

Tabletop gas patio heaters are typically half the height of a freestanding unit, around 800mm tall. These mini gas patio heaters can be used as centerpiece on to patio table and will offer some extra warmth while you and your guests sit and chat. They often look like miniature versions of the floor or free standing patio heaters and some are even made to look like outdoor table lamps, which, like the floor heat lamps extends your indoor living space to the outdoors.

Mini gas patio heaters have the same parts as the larger free standing patio heater models, however, with a smaller heat output, around 3KW to 6KW, and therefore are not able to heat a large area. These heaters are normally fueled smaller LPG cylinders.

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