Best Selling Outdoor Heating Products

There are many options and products available for providing heat to an outdoor living space like a garden, terrace, patio or balcony.

First DECIDE WHICH FUEL type you will use.

Here are the options:

  • Outdoor Gas Heating – easy to use with a LPG gas bottle.
  • Outdoor Bioethanol Heating – green energy, safety concerns outdoors if product is knocked over and the fuel is spilt. Only buy a product with ceramic wool matting installed in the burner tray. These products are more visual and will only provide limited amounts of heat.
  • Outdoor Electric Heating – the easiest, and most likely safest, option for outdoor heating. New Halogen heaters are best. Each product is limited to around 2Kw heat output so you may need more than one. Buy a good quality product as it will last longer and include safety features.
  • Outdoor Wood Burning – The most dramatic option with the most heat but this comes with a high responsibility towards ensuring it is safely used.

The different styles of outdoor heating products are shown below. Choose the design which suits your requirements and on the next page select a product with your chosen fuel. The links display the current best sellers, depending on stock levels, review the current best sellers that are available to buy, most have quick, and free, delivery.